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we're speaking '40-'45.

hitler came to power in 1933 (and the nsdap was already activ some year earlier, antisemitism reached a new form already in the 19th centuary)

People voted for the wrong guy
and millions lost their lives.

hmm, to me that explaination would be much to simple. you can of course use it, but maybe something like that would also fit the main theme better:

"People blindly followed the leader" (or "someone" to get a rhyme)

along with roads 'n automobiles.

the thing with the road is just realy overstressed (but that might be just the case for austria, where old people still try to explain, that hitler was great cause he build roads...)

plus i don't like the verse too much, since it doesn't seem to add much to the songs. some topics that would fit better, imo, would be:
- one very little people would do anything against this
- many people saw a chance to make carreer, at the beginning unemployment sunk
- it wasn't just pure hate against jews (and others), but there was lots of logic and planning

The biggest irony of it all,
was when das Reich came to a fall.
After a game without his rules,
he got hung.......hung by the Jews!

know that part seems really problematic to me. it don't think, you can say the death penalty (although i oppose it), is the same as fascism
plus the formulation "jews" is problematic, since not everyone involved in the process was a jew and not every jew was for eichmanns death. plus it's always bad to reduce people to just one thing, such as religion (or culture) (hell, i don't want to be called christion just because the majority in my country is christian) and i think, that when talking about nationalsocialism, it would be good to not generalize again and associate "jews" with evil, dangerous, powerful and so on, as it was done by the nazis (and others).


well, i guess by today he would be anyway maybe turn it to "He got fucking killed" or so

overall i think this are quite good lyrics. the topic is interesting, difficult and not very common on metal songs - so that is cool. i just think this "befehl ist befehl" - thing you mentioned is not transported through the lyrics, although i would find it more interesting than, let's say, automobiles.
i also think the lyrics could do well in a death/trash song and the chorus probably depends a lot on the music, since the lyrics there aren't too complex (have I mentioned, I don't like the word "evil" here? to me this "good-evil" schema is just so simple and in a way childish - but this might be just me).
ahh, and I don't know how much more work you want to put into this and how interested you are acually in this, but i read a book once about the eichmann - process, which was good and interesting. I forgot who wrote it, but it is quite famous i believe (it's a combination of literatur and real protocolls from the court)

hope i could help
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