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Evil Eichmann

This is about Adolf Eichmann, a german nazi-officer who took care of the logistic part of the holocaust. After he got caught he was put on trial in Israel, where he kept stressing the impossibility of going against the then reigning zeitgeist against the Jews. Ergo; "befehl ist befehl"

The music should be either thrasy or old school death-ish.

The corporate mind can be an evil one,
we're speaking '40-'45.
People voted for the wrong guy
and millions lost their lives.

Bread and games provided,
along with roads 'n automobiles.
When the people were numbed down, another
form of transportation was revealed

Der evil Eichmann.
Der evil Eichmann.

Gathered like cattle,
six million dead.
Slaughtered like pigs
and Eichmann, he turned his head.

The biggest irony of it all,
was when das Reich came to a fall.
After a game without his rules,
he got hung.......hung by the Jews!

Der evil Eichmann.
Der evil Eichmann.

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