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BBE Sonic Stomp doesn't seem to make a difference

I bought a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal, and it sounded great on the amp at the guitar store. When I brought this thing home and plugged into my amp, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

The guy at the guitar store mentioned that I was hooking it up wrong. I had it hooked through the guitar chain and then into the front of my amp. Instead, I plugged it into the effects loop (last in the chain after a Decimator Pro Rack G Noise Suppressor) and it STILL doesn't sound any different.

It's really disappointing because I've heard someone elses BBE Sonic Stomp pedal with my amp and it had a really nice sound.

I don't know why mine doesn't seem to make a difference though. This is the first time I've owned an amp with an effects loop so I'm sure I'm forgetting something that's intuitive to everyone else!

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks so much!
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