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Unhappy Experimenting with Screaming

Hello everyone,for my little band I started to do screaming(yes I have seen Zen of Screaming) Deathgrowls,Screamo screams,Hardcore screams,Black metal screams my own little version of Melissa's scream and I exhale my friend who also knows how taught me
I started 2 months ago and have noticed that the spot my adams apple is has grown 7 times in size (i'm a skinny guy) but it sticks right out and not even when I'm not looking up you can poke the bone and I get alot of mucus way to much I don't smoke or drink or do any of that shit I tried gargling salty warm water but it fills up in 5 minutes and it's interferes with my singing it sounds way less clear and my breathing is screwed up I am always short of breath I don't drink lots of milk and try to drink lots of water and my voice hurts at times when I'm not even screaming it has been like this for a month please help me I want my voice back it doesn't hurt when I scream
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