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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
chords, riffs and leads, eh?

Just make sure to take the time EQ'ing the shit out of every instrument and vocals, because with that many instruments in the mix with added distortion and what not, it's probably going to be one frostbitten fuzzy/muddy shitcrap.

Yea. You're talking about black metal, correct?

As for the doubts about synth infused metal, it's no longer an issue for us, as we've switched it to piano. Funny thing is, it became easier to do something that really felt heavy. What I did for the basic rythm was mark every other beat with the appropriate power chord, variations with the fourths and diads, and then doing triplets in between, varying between root note and falling/rising depending on the progression of the song. The rest I'll keep to myself until we make a recording of it. Didn't turn out all that crappy - now, if we could just find a bassist and a drummer that I don't feel like using for some creative redecoration of the walls, we're all set.
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