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1984 (Self Persistent)

Well as evident from the title this song is inspired from the novel 1984 and the idea is to have the lines "underneath the spreading chestnut tree..." in the song too, somewhere in a deep voice

1984 (self persistent)

Walk the neon derelict
the garden of men
knowing somethin is amiss
and it killed you from within

self persistent, self (4x)

never dying
none other
till the end

a frozen flame in my heart
perseverance, the key lost
circles upon circles form a spiral
bent, broken, and brain dead

self persistent, self (4x)

never dying
only comfort
is death

deprived of a mind that one roamed the wilderness
the sedated sleep in a silent night's embrace
into a world of delusion and denial
at the end a genesis is but evident.

in a drifting dream i fall
and the dream then fades
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