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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
my entire series of the spector I have have faulty wiring

Curse you making me all doubting my choices!

Well I finally decided, it's an ESP B254. (I must say it looks UGLY in these pictures, but in real life it's actually a lot darker. I planned on getting it airbrushed, but it's juuust fine the way it is now).

And I'm really quite statisfied about it. Got it set-upped, it plays extreeeeeemely tight, the EQ cŕn be a bit unhandy, since changing anything affects the volume a bit too much, but it's extrémely cool to be able to switch from a Watain-y sound to an Interpol-sound on the fly.
It's Agathis-wood which I was a bit 'hmmm' about since it would dent really fast. Nothing of that till now though, it feels robust enough.

But what the FUCK is up with ESP discontinueing ALL their shit? I was looking for a B500 (about the same but in matte black and different woods), only to find out that it was discontinued in favour of the ESP B2005 25th anniversairy (again, the same but a different fret inlay and 300 bucks more expensive, fuck you ESP), which was discontinued on itself aswell! Too bad all the remaining B500's are in America, but I'm hella statisfied with the B254 anyway.
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