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Originally Posted by Amadeus
OK, I realize this question is vague, so I'll try to formulate a basis for discussion to make it a bit more interesting to everyone.

My bandmate came with a new song on the synth the other day, a slow, massive, rolling thing and I instantly felt it had potential as a metal tune. Thing is, I can't seem to get my guitar to give it the full heaviness I'd like; I've tried various rythms over power chords, some harmonic and melodic minor stuff, off-key chromatics.

That's the background, now to the aforementioned basis:
What do you do when trying to get something really really heavy? I'm thinking not so much fast edgy trash or death - my usual style of choice - but more just a massive wall. Any tips on good places to start?
And please don't say downtuning. There's a reason I put this in the theory forum.

Your best bet is doing either powerchords or doing one of those barchords that would normally make a powerchord on a dropped instrument. (1 bb5 bb8 chord) That means root note, a double flatted 5th and double flatted 8th note. That chord usually makes things kind of heavy.

It seems like you'll have to find a chord progression that makes things heavier than normal, or playing in a mode like the lucrian which is some pretty nasty stuff. (its the diminished scale, so one can assume its harshish sounding)

Theres not much to tell you. Been there done that but you'll have to just keep playing around. More than likely you're not going to get heavy out of something that sounds like its a lead without making the guitar play chords and the only really "heavy" chords are the 2 i mentioned. Everything else is brighter, more melodic, or dissonant and unresolved.
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