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Heavy theory

OK, I realize this question is vague, so I'll try to formulate a basis for discussion to make it a bit more interesting to everyone.

My bandmate came with a new song on the synth the other day, a slow, massive, rolling thing and I instantly felt it had potential as a metal tune. Thing is, I can't seem to get my guitar to give it the full heaviness I'd like; I've tried various rythms over power chords, some harmonic and melodic minor stuff, off-key chromatics.

That's the background, now to the aforementioned basis:
What do you do when trying to get something really really heavy? I'm thinking not so much fast edgy trash or death - my usual style of choice - but more just a massive wall. Any tips on good places to start?
And please don't say downtuning. There's a reason I put this in the theory forum.
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