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Thanks for the props on this guys. I've been taking lessons on and off from a really good guitar teacher who basically illustrated this taking on chords. I always followed chords according to key as well in the past. Once I started following the chord instead of the key, I noticed my progressions got deeper with chords like Am6 and Cmaj7#11 to really let the true sound of the mode come out. Pick out an Am6 chord or arpeggio and doogle A Dorian over it... you really get a feel for the mode as opposed to it's neighbor modes Aeolian or Phrygian... that major 6th defines the mode. Same with Lydian... pick out a Cmaj7#11 or Cadd11 arpeggio or chord and play C Lydian over it, I hear... Joe Satriani shred all in my head. This take on chords will really expand your arsenal.
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