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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast

Also, getting kinda philosophical here, but you could see the Major scale, or any scale for that matter, as a mode of the chromatic scale.
So in a way, everything has to fit in cohesivly somehow..

I'm not sure to the truthiness of this.

Davy is right on the money. Its weird how i never really knew this before. I always thought the notes came from the key. Little did i know this is very far from true. The chords come from the Key and the notes come from the chords.

In most cases since powerchords are only 1 5 8, one can imagine the amount of notes one could play over that. You only need fucking 2 notes. The more notes you add to the chord, Triad = 3, 7th = 4, and so on it narrows the scale/mode down to a few choices, if not only one.

But this shouldn't limit you either. There are some cool things you can do to really go above and beyond. These things add serious fucking "color" to a lead/melody/solo. I am working on this blues jazz song (making a melody to a simple blues beat/rhythm) and on a V chord i play an Altered 9th or something. I don't have my reference by me to name exactly what it is. But it plays a #9 followed by a b9. Good fucking shit. Love playing the scale as it fits perfectly over what i'm trying to do.

Altered Scale
here is a link to what i basically play. Instead of playing in D i play it in C major if i remember correctly. (or at least i start on C and follow up the scale shown)
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