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Originally Posted by Clouden
We have 1 bassist that was to some idiot know dissed our genere

Learn how to form decent fucking phrases.

And no, 2 bassists are NOT necessairy, and it would come off as a gimmick, and overall be stupid. If you just want 2 bassplayers for the tone, then get ONE bassplayer that's good (as in, not Orion from Behemoth) and knows how to cut through the guitars.

If you want 2 bassplayers to have one do lead-bass 'n all that redundant shit, the 'rythm-bassist' would come off as dumb, overly simple and the lowest lifeform in the band. So it's not a good idea, it's a stupid idea to make your band extraoridinairy through the line up, because you wouldn't be able to be extraordinary through your, dare I say, "music".
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