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I really like making proggy stuff.. I don't really want to get über technical, but intresting chords and progressions are what I'm looking into.

I kinda understand that everything is built on each other, however most sites/instruction just look at modes, scales, chords, progressions as seperrate things. They never really explain how everything works together, it's like they tell you "this is a chord. Now figure it out what to do with it."

Theory sites and instruction just go all over the place, like they give you some interesting tips or relations, but for the beginner it's never quite clear how things relate.
I mean, a while back I've read a theory book that started off interesting about intervals and how they are stable or unstable, and suddenly they jump of to circle of fifths and how as the circle progresses you have more flats and sharps.

Then I wonder, why the fuck is the number of flats and sharps relevant?
They don't explain that..

I guess what I'm trying to say is.. learning about theory when you don't know a lot is frustrating. Instead of getting an overview with things going into details later, you'll just get bombarded with hundreds of rules, relations, inversions, tables full of sharps and flats, and you feel none the wiser after reading any of it.
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