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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
You've made that pretty clear, thanks!

Is there a site out there with chord + mode combinations?
Having to look at every mode everytime I'm playing around with a weird chord doesnt strike me as very efficient.

But I'm still a bit confused about progresions.
You say they follow the chord, but I'm not realy sure how they are constructed in theory.

There's loads of charts with progresions out there, and as long as you stay in key you have a progresion, but if there's no theory behind them, it all seems very arbitrary and random.

To be honest alot of chord progression stuff you'll see is a shit load of already established progressions.

And you most definitely don't need to "stay in key." This is something i've learned playing jazz. The only time you ever need to stay in key is something like you're just run of the mill metal or stuff like that. Its all built on triad chords or power chords which doesn't yeild much theory needed outside of just knowing a scale or 2.

In jazz they use 7 chords alot. C7, CMaj7 and Cmin7. When playing a song made of all 7 chords close to none of the chords are in the same "key" as the key you are playing in.

If you like me to go more into the theory i've been painstakingly been working on for the last few weeks. (sometimes close to 4 hours a day, 15 hours a week) let me know.
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