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Confused about progresions&chords in Maj. scale

Right, so I understand the deal with the Major scale, how it's divised into modes, that consonant chords and progresions are all derived from the Major scale.

There is just something I need to understand in regards to progresions before I can let it sink in..

What's the rocket science between chord progresions?
The chord's notes that are used come from the scale, but if I was to make my own progresion, would I just dick around on the guitar until I find one? How does one 'make' a progresion, if you get what I mean.

Also, chords..

So I understand this:

C Major Scale Interval Mode Chord I C Ionian Major ii D Dorian minor iii E Phrygian minor IV F Lydian Major V G Mixelodian Major vi A Aeonian minor vii B Locrian diminished

I got that correct?
So, if the chords in the scale are mostly standard Maj or min chords, with one dim chord, where do all the fucked up sus4 Maj7 dim6++ whatever chords come in?
Is the min/Maj thing just a guideline, as a basechord, with 'added flavas' you can put in yourself?
Should I look at the C scale, or the relative modes for added intervals?
Yeah, I know it's the same notes, but the intervals change with the context right?
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