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Originally Posted by TruthDevoid
Don't listen to Bob, he's French Canadian. Haha

fixed that for you.

tm is right about the military. it will teach you a lot of valuable things that you can and most likely will carry on with you into the civilian world as well as your personal life.

part of the reason i decided to join is because i was doing the post college office job thing and it wasn't really doing it for me. not only was i just getting by..i wasn't really moving forward all that much either in a number of areas. the sad part about it was that i was comfortable enough that i didn't really push myself to make any big changes.

now i'll be making more money than i ever have before, i'll have full health insurance..something i haven't had in years, i'll learn about all kinds of things that i can apply to later jobs after i get out or retire, and also will be able to do and see things that most people never get to experience.

it's definitely not for everyone, and i'd have even laughed at you if two years ago you'd say i'd be doing what i'm doing now. it's up to the individual to decide..i'd be lying if i didn't say i miss how my life used to be. as of right now, i've sacrificed a lot of freedoms i had just under a month ago. fortunately, it's only temporary and i'll regain many of those freedoms once i'm out of the initial training.
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