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Originally Posted by tmfreak
Why limit him?

true. it still is an option that is good for some, and better for others. it just so happens that i know a few who it wasnt so great for, but they chose it anyway (and then shortly after, came complaining to me about it).

two weeks after that highschool friend joined, he told me that he had said to himself "holy shit, theres a war going on". like he hadnt even considered that, before getting in... which is pretty ridiculous because did he not just ignore the sole purpose of the army? i said "i could have reminded you of the war, but i thought you had that much covered...".

in my last post, it possibly looked like im just trying to bash army/military/navy or whatever, but im really not. ive just never really vented on how irresponsibly hasty some of my friends were about it.

and TM, im sure there are some great personality benefits that i wasnt considering, and many people really do need that. im not so sure about that whole 1 yr of military>4 years of college, life business. you learn about THAT life. "life" isnt the same for everyone. and that life certainly is not for everyone.
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