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Ok unless you are in the military go ahead and assume you have no idea what it is about or teaches you.

My dad was in the marine corps for 20 years and until i joined i didn't know anything about it. (even though i most certainly thought i did, and all my friends in similar situations thought as well.)

The military teaches you so much about living a productive life that to say "it teaches you to do what your country asks" is about as fucking stupid as it gets.

It teaches you responsibilities, discipline, people skills, team work, compassion and comradery just to name a few. It doesn't just teach you them you are forced to learn them. But not even just learn them but to understand their value.

The vast portion of the population fails to learn these things as they start their careers and its very apparent that college doesn't teach you these at all. Maybe tiny bits of some of these but hardly like the military does.

The military forces you to grow up and see the world as it really is. You afraid to follow orders? Do you really think that when you get a real job you don't abide by the SAME rules as you do in the military? Appearance, timeliness, cooperation, and FOLLOWING orders given to you? Hell its even more difficult in the civilian world cause alot of times your performance is much higher in evaluation than a government job.

I can tell you from both worlds cause guess what i've been in both, you learn more about life in 1 year of the military than all 4 years of college.

There is a reason why active and former military looks down at the general populace. Because they're nasty, stupid, and ignorant. Its not too common to find people who pick up good habits over time.

This isn't the appropriate thread to be discussion personal afflictions with these choices. Hes looking for things that are going to positively move him forward in life. Why limit him? Thats the same stupid fucking attitude california seems to have with this extreme liberal stance of removing recruiters from college campuses. Give them all the options, their pros and cons and let him decide. Stop fucking deciding for him.

Community College
4 Year university
Getting a basic entry level real job
Union jobs

Any others?
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