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Originally Posted by TruthDevoid
I think anyone who doesn't know what they want should join the militay, instead of being a waste of life living in your parents basement hogging all their funds...or working a low paying job that really won't get you anywhere anyway... or go to college and don't take it seriously and end up dropping out and wasting thousands. Go Military. That'll put ya on the right path. Don't listen to Bob, he's Canadian. Haha

you know, its only a matter of time, thats why i think there is more than joining military.

Exploring, working with a low paying job are 2 important experiences to try, so college is.

Instead of doing what your governement want you to do, do what is more important for you, ill try the job, traveling and then college.
Originally Posted by moe_blunts
I'd cum in her even if it was my own daugther.

Originally Posted by Bassbehemoth
Sick. It's an overly sugared and overly carbonated vagina drink.
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