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i was talking about this with a friend, just last night. one of our good highschool friends is in the army right now. he joined because he didnt know what to do after we graduated, and he hated/hates school. apparently hes "finishing" his term soon. he said he doesnt have much of a choice now, and is expected to go to school. i dont know all the "benefits" of joining, but other than those, it seems like he wasted his time. hes back in front of the school doors, and doesnt want to walk in, anymore than he didnt, 3 years ago. IMO, his brothers situation is worse. his brother went for a term in the navy, then he came back to live with his mom. he works at a local call center, making little more than my other friend did when he took a temporary job there. i think the problem (if seen as such) is that sooo many fucking people are joining now. im assuming the benefits arnt even half of what they used to be. and finally, i have a different friend that joined the navy too. he said that one of the biggest mistakes hes ever made, was listening to that random recruiter that told him everything he "thought he wanted to hear".

i have absolutely no patience for the recruiters ive had the discomfort of conversing with. do they not know the meaning of harassment? i literally had to tell this guy (on like the 6th call he made to my house) "im not joining the fucking army. EVER. dont call. dont ask. and i cant stress this enough: fuck off. *click*" it worked.

this is what little ive picked up on, over a few years. and i think there is a significant difference in joining the army because you want to fight for your country, and joining the army because you dont want to go to school... which is exactly what was just suggested, above.
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