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Originally Posted by autumncurve

nothing like tearing around with 31 other people, flying choppers, planes, forming an armour column and taking flags.

i was part of this thing called BF2C for a while where it was run like proper military style and had like 10hr long battles on a modded version of the game. proper nerdy stuff, proper fun
i was in armour/tank division, or infantry if it was a map without armour. stupidly fun.

edit: oh and if i get terms for the military wrong, i'm sorry. i havn't got a clue how it works in real life

You should get into games like operation flashpoint and Armed Assault. The realism is leaps and bounds more realistic. I'm sure whatever following those games still have is much "nerdier" as you put hah. I'm sure there are still alot of people who play Falcon 4.0 (insert whatever mod you want after this) as its the most realistic military flight sim known to man. I was really big into it for awhile but i'm on a break for awhile.

I made like a pseudo cockpit in my room. I removed the arms from my computer chair and turned 2 12inch pa monitors on their side and used it as the sides and a place to put my thrustmaster hotas joystick/throttle. I then connected the pa to a powered mixer i had that went to my computer so that alot of the bass would come through those speakers and would rumble the fuck out of my room when i would be in afterburner. That shit was awesome. Clocked hundreds of flight hours.
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