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Originally Posted by davie_gravy
Bad news for all your wintersun fans expecting this kick ass release this year...

Date Posted: 2007-04-24 06:57:16
Unfortunately the release of WINTERSUN's new album "Time" has been pushed back again. "The mix has been cancelled and the release of 'Time' is delayed even more", WINTERSUN guitarist and singer Jari Mäenpää explains in an official statement. "I'm sorry to disappoint everyone...again, but the album is not gonna be released this year. And unfortunately Nino has the Sonic Pump Studios booked full for this year, so we might have to think of something else."

Full statement can be found at their website.

Hahah, I was flooded with disappointment, once again, after reading that.

I've lost a lot of interest in hearing this new album of theirs.

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