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My Ampeg SS140C

Hey folks. I'm searching for manuals for my SS140C. I found this thread and had to post...

Your 1988ish Blueline amp obviously has a problem. It should get plenty gain and I have had mine for almost 20 years and I've never had to run it over 5 on the dirty channel (A). It's a little fuzzy at low volumes but... Lack of gain should not be a problem with this amp. First take it to someone who is insured and get it fixed right. The clean channel is not great but decent, the chorus and reverb help but it never has really had me saying "YES that is the clean sound I want", I'm satisfied but not real impressed with the clean sound.

The amp by itself is a little thin on the tone so I bought myself a bass EQ pedal for some extra control on the low end through the front effects loop. I have been running this through a Holmes 4x12 cab with 2 different wiring configs. Mostly with the speakers in the cab wired in series parrallel to get 8 ohms. Straight out of 1 jack on the dry side (I have never really used the chorus much). It sounds good like this but I added a Marshall 4x12 a while back and the difference with it running stereo made me tear up and thank God I bought this amp (the chorus was great too).

Recently I rewired my cabinet. Since I'm not running the full stack any more (sold my Marshall to buy a PA) I disconnected the through jack on the cab and rewired it as a second input. I'm now running 2 of the 4 speakers on each channel at 4 ohms per side. This Amp still sounds awesome after nearly 20 years and the chorus sounds like chorus instead of an old broken tremolo effect. Not the best chorus but decent.

I also ported my Holmes cab to let it throw a little air and man this rig has a serious bottom end when I want it. It has the best sounding crunch I've ever heard in a solid state amp. The lows thump hard. I had to laugh a little when I pulled up a slip of paper that was in the back of the head with my settings written on it (from around when I first bought it). The settings I'm using on the amp and the Bass EQ are still the exact same after all these years.

Now I'm kind of a simple guy so I like simple but top of the line sound, this amp has it, it just needs a little coaxing to get it out. I play all original stuff but we range from death metal to popcore stuff with everything in between and I'm a big fan of heavy, crunchy guitars (I'm 36). I've watched the guys and gals I've played with over the years go through amp after amp after preamp after effects processor and on and on and I've never heard anything that made me even think about replacing my blue baby. That said, I did play with 2 other people over the years who had similar amps. A girl I jammed with had the newer version of the SS140C and a guy I jammed with bought an SS150 because he loved my amp so much. Neither of them could get the same sound that I get. We even tried the Bass EQ through their rigs and they just didn't have the bawls mine does. way more fuzz and way less bottom. I have no idea why??? (I suspect unspecified design changes???)

Be patient and make sure you get it fixed right and if it's one of the good ones you should be able to make it rip the flesh right off of whoever you aim it at (heheheh). Just don't crank it to 11 (and these amps really do go to 11, count the dots, there are no numbers just 11 dots). My Bass EQ adds a liitle gain so it boosts the volume a bit but I have never had to turn it up past 5.5. I'm afraid I would blow the windows out of where ever I may be and maybe the neighbors too.

Good luck!
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