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Originally posted by ASOMVEL
Your issues need some attention & the rest of you kids for that matter!The world's problems are a result of your kind of fucked up attitude towards people!Mummy should have smacked your respective arses a long time ago!!!

Okay... listen you rotten scrotom.

Just about every freakin' forum I go to I see something about your band needing another dummy and the rest of the folks getting pissed off. If you would have stayed in school, you would have learned better social skills and learn how to take a hint.. hell people were telling you straight up. If the way we act reflect's on the world's problems - then fuck! we must be kings or something. Also I think - I THINK you would be advertising in the wrong place no matter where you go on this site, caz I doubt there will be many people who'd want to be in band with a bunch of 30/40 year old's.

Nice try though - child molester.

Originally posted by Gigantic Penis
did Osama bin Laden get pissed cuz he tried to spam his band on a forum, and people from the U.S. told him to fuck off, so he decided to bomb the place?

HAHA. I bet so. OBL probably wanted to one of the mainstream bands that was on MTV. It probably played out like this.

OBL: let me work in america. let me and my band be on MTV.
USA: No, fuck off you hairy bastard.
OBL: But we are quite a band. I am the tenor and I play the triangle. My band could could influnence children today and make the younger girls dress more conservative.
USA: WE SAID FUCK OFF YOU DILDO! Hell, we like our younger girls to dress like sluts, and show us their goodies.
OBL: But -
USA: I swear, if you don't shut up. I'll bomb your freakin' country.
OBL: Not if I bomb yours first.
USA: Shut up, and go to your fucking local McDonalds and cram it.

the rest is history.
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