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Originally Posted by Corruption
Yea I read up on some musical theory, I learned about the keys n crap, Lol I'm just suprised it took me 1 1/2 of playin to look intno that stuff, but anyway, I found out how to find what key it is it

But i got a problem:

Here's an example:
B has 5 sharps (F#, C#, G#, D#, A#)
But there was only C#, G#, D#, and A#

does that make it E Key or B?
But then it's missing one for B
but has one that's not in the key for E...

Yea so thanks guys

You don't need to use every note of a scale to be in it.

If it's a bit ambiguous which key, mode or scale you are playing in, it all kinda depends what other instruments play, or what happends after the part.

Edit: to clarify a bit more, it's a bit like chords.
For example, a conventional Major chord will have on the very least a root, third and fifth, with optional octaves.

Now, officialy, it's not a major chord if it doesn't have a fifth. But if you only play the root and third, it'll still kinda sound like that chord. Because our ears kinda fill in the blanks with what we expect.
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