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Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
it's a first person shooter. You should do a search on youtube. If you're into horror. you will like this game. It's based on journal that was found. The journal belonged to a patient from a mental institution. And he was living in this "different world" The game just follows the journal they found long ago. ( I'm dead fucking serious, it's based on a true story)

here's a trailer

What the hell are you on about? It's based on an H.P. Lovecraft novella - The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Great game btw, played it on the Xbox. myself a fucking amazing pc recently. I can finally get back into pc gaming! Currently playing Medieval Total War II and Eve Online. Medieval Total War II is just as amazing as every other game in the Total War series, and Eve Online surprised me in that it's an MMO which I'm actually considering paying monthly for. Love the sci-fi setting.

Oh and yeah, I'm with tm on this one. I don't see the point of this thread when pretty much all forms of gaming are discussed in that other thread.
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