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Starting Out

Alright, so I'm a guitarist (In a vocal forum, I find it hilarious) looking to do some vocal work. I'm wondering a few things for starting:

1. How do I find the range that my voice falls into? Experiment?

2. Anything I should take a special note of?

I'm into Power, Progressive,and various Thrash/Death type bands (Symphony X, Circus Maximus, Cynic, Death, Andromeda) if that helps any.

Also, I know I'm new here, but I'd appreciate it if all comments were left constructive.
"As long as I'm satisfied with my work, I'm not too concerned with what any critics think. Our type of music will never be a critical favorite, but when I can stand on a stage and see a lot of smiling faces in the crowd, it makes it all worthwhile." Randy Rhoads
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