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Originally Posted by Avenite
Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is already in this thread, but I can't search all 37 pages so here goes:

I have a Jackson Dinky with EMG-HZ pickups in it, and I want to replace them with actives. I know I have to change some things to make the switch from passive to active, but is it a little easier seeing that the pickups are already EMGs even if they are passive?

I would like to install these myself, but I have never installed pickups before. Is this an attainable goal?


If you buy EMGs new, they come with everything you need. You would basically replace all the electronics in the guitar with what comes in the EMG boxes. Each pickup comes with a volume pot, tone pot and capacitor, battery connector and output jack, and of ocurse wiring diagrams for the most common pickup/control layouts.
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