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Originally Posted by Darko
I'm trying to add video to Cubase (SX 3) and once its done loading I get this error message:

"Can not play video file.
Code: 0x80070020

The Process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

I've added video plenty of times. I have no other applications running. What. The. Fuck?

Something is obviously accessing the video for some reason. Make sure you ctrl alt delete any possible programs taht could be running or even looking at the video.

If that doesn't work log out and log back in, (don't need to reset the comp) and give it a shot again.
Originally Posted by Darko
...Its very annoying to keep having to hear some socially-disabled teen come on these boards talking about all the drugs he's started doing so that he can maybe grasp onto some kind of positive response so he feels better about himself and what he's doing.
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