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Achieving a better bass tone?

Hey guys,
I was wondering what would be the best/easiest way to achieve a more versatile tone in my bass/amp. I'm sick of my amp putting out the same dull tone I've had to play with for several years.

I've got a Squire P-Bass (only has the two pickups in the middle, no extra pickup near the bridge) and my amp is a Fender Rumble 40-watt that only has volume, bass, treble and midi knobs as well as the CD/Input jacks. Even with the treble and midi at full, it still not enough really and doesn't change the tone drastically.

Would a new amp be the way to go? I have no idea about amps and what determines the sound quality. The most inexpensive alternative to getting a new bass is what I'm looking for. Ive got no idea about pre-amps and all that jazz also, so yeah any help would be appreciated, as i wanna make playing bass fun again!
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