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my suggestion for learning to play and sing at the same time is playing a song over and over until you can sing along with it...Like the first song I learned to sing and play was Seek and Destroy by Metallica...I had the guitar down pretty well...i.e. memorized the song and then I started to try and sing along with the track. I fucked up a lot but I made sure the track was a little higher than my guitar so as to not get discouraged on my fuck ups while trying to sing along. Eventually I got it to where I could sing and play.

With my own song I wrote I didn't seem to have nearly the trouble of playing and singing...which makes sense...

Oh one thing you might want to be able to do before you move on to playing and singing is being able to rock out and play...sounds dumb but if you can walk around, talk, and dink around on guitar while still maintaining your ability to play the song it will be way easier to sing to...
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