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Music should be allowed to live its own life, the way I see it. If what you get when you write feels good to you, feels like it says what you want it to say then you should let it be like that. Note, "writing music" solely to get on a stage and shake your hair in front of people is not OK in my book. I hate posers.

Me and another dude started working together just a couple of weeks ago, and it's quite interesting. To generalise broadly, he writes ballads and I write trash and funk. Someway though, we meet in the middle somewhere and have everything from a simple song about travelling around the world, to a raw trash piece giving the fuck you to certain elements and tendencies in today's society. Perhaps an even more extreme example of what you're talking about - however, it doesn't have to be a problem, so long as you're true in what you're doing. Just select the songs for gig sets and albums with a pinch of intelligence and I think it can be a pretty good asset instead.
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