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Yeah well, would people find it odd for say a band like Necrophagist to start writing simple sounding death metal songs aswell as having crazy songs like they actually have? Thats sorta what I mean. I joined the band after the other guitarist and drummer had been jamming a while, and they had written these kick ass straight forward metallica, slayer etc influenced thrash songs, and we play some of them. A while before I joined, I started heavily getting into bands like Death, Cynic, Atheist etc and thought, hmm i'll try be more original and draw influence from bands like this plus other music I love and mix it in with thrash influenced riffage. I showed some of my songs to the band I eventually joined(the one im in now) and they loved the stuff I'd written. So we basically use the other guitarists more straight forward stuff, some of my straight forward stuff with a bit of tech parts, and some of my more tech/experimental thrash.
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