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Originally Posted by metalshred
Ok, so im in a band, very thrash influenced. Some of our songs are straight forward thrash numbers, then I decided I wanted to incorporate other influences into my music to try be a bit more original (Time sig changes, DM influences, melodic influences(computer games/films etc etc) so I went and wrote a bunch of songs with thrashy parts and also different parts to them. Our straight forward thrash songs we really like, and others do too and we really enjoy playing them, they go down well live. We also love doing our more experimental/original(maybe) incorporated songs, and some songs are sorta in between with really simple straight forward thrash with the odd experimental/time sig change thrown in. The thing is, is it important to just stick to one style of music stylistically or is it ok to play straight forward songs and more technical songs which try to be more unique. Bands seem to just stick to one style, IE tech bands seem to have all there songs as technical. Any thoughts?

Well.... i'm coming across this problem with my band. We are ALL over the fucking map when it comes to music. Its got punk influences with blues here and there, ska, 80s metal, rock, folk, and whatever else singer wants to throw in there.

I think its fairly important to come up with an identity with a band. Often times when you go out and listen to a band and they're all over the fucking map its hard (in my opinion) to get really into their music as a whole, rather a few songs they do really well, and wish they focused on more things like that.

I mean from what you described it doesn't sound all that different but i could be wrong. I'd say i wouldn't worry about it unless you're music is just too confusing to even explain. (which in my bands case it is..)
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