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Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
I like this guide alot. It's really helpful. Taught me stuff I didn't know, like how soda affects your vocals.

I've just got a few questions;

1. I do drink water, too, when practicing, But my throat still feels a little sore. I've only been doing vocals for a few months, but not very frequently (need to practice more). Will this pain diminish in time; and is this pain a symptom of any damage to my throat or vocal chords I may be doing?

2. I also used to use cough drops when practicing to help soothe my throat. Is that counterproductive in any way that I'm not realizing?

3. I'm a smoker, and I do plan on quitting my September this year. This probably a REALLY dumb question, but does smoking cause any long-term damage to my throat that may hinder my vocal ability in the long run? I don't smoke before practice, of course. Just FYI.

4. How would you do Pig Vocals? Are they the same as Inhaled Vocals?

1.pain is pain, despite what melissa cross and all these "vocal" coaches say, if you want to do metal vocals properly it will strain and possibly damage your chords over a long period of time.

you will get pain with bad tecnique, however the more you practice and take advice the more prone you will be to learning proper ways to do vocals, eventually you will lean subconciously the way to do vocals without hurting yourself.

2: i dont use cough drops, they tend to add unwanted phlegm, i prefer tea, expecially tea with honey. I don't know if they are just adding to the harm, they might be a good thing, Im not a doctor, so i would'nt know. but dont take pain killers to mask the pain of doing vocals, i used to do that when i only knew how to do inhaled vocals, and it lead to bad bad things.

3: unfortunatly, I smoke, bad habit yes, i also smoke menthols, i feel they tend to relax my throat maybe 30 or so minutes before I perform, and of course after to make my throat feel better. the only long-term effect i could see is having throat cancer and screwing you over, giving you a stoma and making you have robot vocals. or just decreasing the amount of air your lungs can take in.

4: there's two different ways to do "pig vocals" Inhaled vocals will almost ALWAYS produce that "pig" noise you want, or sometimes (if you don't practice well enough) "frog" vocals. However a better sounding vocal technique for "pig vocals" is an exhaled tecnique that is still sort of a mystery to me, bands that use this tecnique are (newer) With Blood Comes Cleansing and you can hear it in some of Whitechapel's congs.
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