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Originally Posted by mosh4life
im not sure if im doin growls correctly or if it even a growl...i read sumwhere when u clear ur throat..ahemm kinda sound...and u use that 2 growl is this true and if so how to u get it lower.....if not can u explain how to a growl a little differently cause i cant quite get how u do it

i, aswell as many other people have found that having your throat more open and your mouth more closed deepens the growl, however if your throat is too open and your mouth too closed it will start to form into a guttural.

remember to use your diaphragm and push air out with your chest not your head.

and yeah when you clear your throat you know how you sort of push air out hard, or when you cough, and you feel it on the back of your throat, it's because it's bypassing the vocals chords.

and a cough is very similar to a growl.
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