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I don't know how to do the kind of screams that bands like As I Lay Dying use, but I do know that the key to doing death metal vocals is learning how to use your false vocal cords.

Some people say that the easiest way to learn this is by imitating a dog's bark.

I think that another easy way is to just lightly vocalise a vowel sound in your normal voice, and then as you do it start to force out a lot of extra air with your diaphragm so that your voice will sort of "overdrive" and distort. The key is to keep only a very loose tension in your "true" vocal cords, and to keep a relaxed throat so that your voice can properly distort.

I know that that probably isn't that great of a tip, but vocal technique is hard to explain, and I am far from an expert.

As far as a having a teacher goes, I found that once I learned exactly what it was that I was supposed to be doing, I was able to just keep practicing and things improved with time. But, as with learning anything, you would probably progress more quickly from one-on-one teaching with someone who has mastered exactly what it is you want you want to learn.
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