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I like this guide alot. It's really helpful. Taught me stuff I didn't know, like how soda affects your vocals.

I've just got a few questions;

1. I do drink water, too, when practicing, But my throat still feels a little sore. I've only been doing vocals for a few months, but not very frequently (need to practice more). Will this pain diminish in time; and is this pain a symptom of any damage to my throat or vocal chords I may be doing?

2. I also used to use cough drops when practicing to help soothe my throat. Is that counterproductive in any way that I'm not realizing?

3. I'm a smoker, and I do plan on quitting my September this year. This probably a REALLY dumb question, but does smoking cause any long-term damage to my throat that may hinder my vocal ability in the long run? I don't smoke before practice, of course. Just FYI.

4. How would you do Pig Vocals? Are they the same as Inhaled Vocals?

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