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Mercury Magnetics Transformers

Hey people, I just became an authorized tech/dealer for Mercury Magnetics so if any of you want to upgrade your amp transformers then let me know. These transformers are the best on the planet and will improve the tone of any amp. Just Google it if you don't believe me. I can sell them to you for at a 20% discounted price not including shipping. Even if you don't see your amp on the catalog list they can still build an upgrade. They are doing it for my Randall RM100 right now. I would advise that you have a tech install the transformers unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Most of the upgrades are bigger than the stock transformers in most amps and will require the chassis being modified ( new mounting holes ) unless it is stated to be a "drop in" replacement.

I'm authorized to also install these transformers so if you live near Marion IL and need it done right then let me know. I do charge for labor though
Authorized Mercury Magnetics tech/dealer
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