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Ohmage and Stuff

Ok so i have a marshall DSL50 running through a traynor 4X 12

its LOUD...but almost too 18 so i still live with my dad is always tellin me to turn it down no matter what...and when i jam with my band i cant get it past 4 before they tell me its too my drummer does have a shitty kit and is gonna get a more quality kit soon

more to the overall power gonna be lowered depending oin what ohmage i set?? im currently at 4 ohms...and the amp has an option for 8 and 16

other than that is the only way to cure this "too loud" problem to get a 2X12 cabinet or do i juts get a practice amp at biggest concern is that i dont think im letting the tubes drive themselves hard enough

any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated
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