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Originally Posted by davie_gravy
I got a Peavey VTM120 off ebay for like $230. Basically the same amp, 120w all tube, pulls that killer 'brown' sound off nicely. I love my amp... I'd never get rid of it and for under $300... bet! I also notice that Baroness plays VTM120's... anyways, Peavey made some killer all tube amps back around the 80's, so I'd snag one up, although I'm not sure how old or when they made the ultra plus.

The VTM is nothing like the Ultras FYI. The Ultra's have way more gain(like 4 or 5 preamp tubes, and the Ultra Plus has an additional one. Just like the 5150 and 5150+).
Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

(Did you know In Flames had a 2005 album called "Come Clarity"? How prophetic. I think they're trying to tell us all their sperm are dead.)
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