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look'n to buy a bass (maybe)

Well I decided to rent a bass w/amp... for a month to see how I would do... I basically sat down watched guys play songs.. i.e. Moby Dick, Pink-Floyd's Money... I got them with in 1-2 days.. but part of me keeps saying.. the more I play bass the more I want to play guitar... problem with guitar is the size of my hands/fingers are like Jimmy... huge...I need a big neck & frets...hence why bass has been good thus far.

that being said.. if I was to go the bass route I am looking at this one.

Click on the Black/Red one.. I personally love the look.. but until I try it in a store I wont buy it... Id like you guys opinion please.

Also.. Guitars with a big neck & frets... some links please.

Style of music... metal & hard rock.
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