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well my suggestion if you have no noise restraints, grab either a "tama rockstar" (or superstar i forget which is mid-entry level)/"yamaha stage custom" for about 5-600 bucks. these kits are really all you need. you can prob find a deal at a guitar center or sam ash to get the kit plus hardware for about 7-800. generally with a hardware package youll get 2 stands a hi-hat stand and a kick pedal.
a cheep cymbal pack will run you 1-200 bucks (they suck but for starters its a great deal) or check out ebay/creigs list people get rid of entire kits for cheaper than their worth.
electric drum kits are prob not what you want to start on. you want the real feel of drums under your sticks at first go. i wouldnt recomend e-drums unless you absolutly need them...
but any questions unload em.

edit: also these "starter kits" dont sound like shit. the 300$ ones do, but for what ive listed, you can make them sound pretty sick if you have any clue whatsoever what your doing
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