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First of all, HOLY SHIT 5minute scream? I can barely hold 22 seconds...

but anyway, if you breathe with your diaphram like woodwind instruments have to do, you can get longer screams... if you focus the air out more tightly through your mouth like ummm... a donut with a smaller hole i guess you could say (I'm very high, i can't think straight, umm... really) but, ya then you'd get a longer scream,but it might be a little higher in pitch cuz the tighter your umm, that word that starts with t... umm, vocal cords that it would be tighter also and ya you get it... i'll shut up now...
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going into an ejaculating spazz attack

I play lead guitar in a band called Elpium Eyeballs. We're workin on our first album, to be called Hookah
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