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Originally Posted by TheLastFetus
Thanks for the suggestions. If it makes a difference i already own a line6 dl4 delay pedal (although I hate how empty and cold it sounds sometimes). also, some bands that I'm influenced by and might give some insight into the tone i;m looking for are Nachtmystium, wolves in the throne room, weakling, xasthur, drudkh, and some others that I can't think of.

Cool I love WITTR and Drudkh, Personally I'd still advise against spending upwards of $150 just on a Reverb pedal/processor/rack unit etc, there are still some really good mid-range pedals out there. Maybe go to a local store and try some out? Tech21's new RVB-something is meant to be really good and it has a built in clean boost- and Tech21's stuff is awesome in general.

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