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Originally Posted by Mordor
Get a Rocktron Intelliflex, and whack it into the effects loop. Awesome effects to be had

In addition to that awesome unit I'd recommend a TC Electronics G Major. All the effects you'd probably ever need, all good quality, and doesn't kill your tone. I think you could get an Intellifex for cheaper since they're discontinued, but I just checked eBay and there's one for $350 which is close to how much the G Major costs.
Rocktron also makes a dedicated digital reverb pedal called the Cyborg Digital Reverb that's $190. Boss has their RV-5 which is $150. Then again T-Rex has the Room-Mate Tube Reverb which is $370. That T-Rex pedal is probably as analog as you can get when it comes to reverb pedals.
Personally I'm not a fan of pedals. I've only seen two pedals in my entire life that didn't kill my tone when they were turned off, and one of them was a Boss NS-2.

+1 on Line 6 reverbs. The reverbs were really sweet on my POD XT Live.
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