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Originally Posted by Zionist
Stop being so optimistic. They're going to blow and you know it.

No, I don't know it which is why I'm not letting some picture influence what I think before I hear the material. I can understand the more pessimistic outlook being as Jon left an album ago and, for some of you, Worm leaving too (which in my opinion, judging from the last release, is a very good thing). But Jon has been gone and I know now what to expect without him so I'm not anxious about whether or not the replacement will live up to him or not like I was in the interval between ...And Then You'll Beg and Once Was Not. So why am I not being a fart stain? Because I was happy with the guitar work in OWN (which didn't) and I'm happy that Worm has been kicked out. Yes their promo pic looks like an advertisement in a gay newspaper for a 2 hour gang bang, but I also think that 95% of promotional pictures look fucking stupid. Hell, if I judged half of the metal bands I like off their promo pictures then I'd assume they were all lame. Point is, a lot of bands have bad pictures. Hell, look at Emperor's latest.

I'd rather have Cryptopsy evolve into something that I think sucks than to have them continusously trying to recreate a None So Vile or ...And Then You'll Beg. I fucking hate that.
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