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Originally Posted by basstendencies
ive gotta say i disagree completely. i can think of loads of fingerstyle bassists in the metal genre who cut through the mix (cliff burton comes to mind right off the bat), and as for a live setting, i saw suffocation, unmerciful (their bassist is the SHIT) and cannibal corpse fairly recently, and found all three bassists to have very solid tone. if anything playing with your fingers (as opposed to a pick) should give you more bottom end, volume, and in general a much richer tone. if you find your sound to have too much bottom, and not enough mid range (i think this is what youre saying), try turning your mids up on the EQ, or plucking closer to the bridge for a brighter tone. also take into consideration that the amount of people there will affect your bass sound. if youre playing a room with fewer people in it the bass will sound washed out, or muddy.

just out of curiosity, what kind of bass are you playing on?

Thanks for the advice to everyone!

I am playing an ESP 5-string B-405(EMG actives) and/or Spector Legend Custom 4-string(EMG passive) through a Hartke 250W -15" combo. I can get plenty of volume generally speaking - especially from the Spector - but I think everyone has just confirmed my suspicions - it ME, not the equipment, etc. Practice indeed!!

Still, I stand by the buried bass in seeing various live acts in the past year. I made it a major point to focus on the bass-players, moved all around the clubs to get different sound perspectives, etc. Maybe it was just the venue/PA's.

*as a side the Cliff Burton reference is excellent and something I had forgotten. Being a little er...older, I got to see Cliff play numerous times "back when" beginning with the Kill 'Em All for one tour in '84! Never had trouble hearing Cliff live!

Practice it is! Thanks again to all.
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