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Originally Posted by Fritz12
Playing in Death Metal band, I find that when I play finger-style, I just can't maintain the volume to cut through, that I can with a pick, particularly during the speedier sections. I see, or better should say hear this same phenomenon with live bands I've seen recently - among them Vader, Behemoth, Immolation, Suffocation, and others...all finger players and the bass was simply nowhere in the mix - just lost!
I know my finger playing isn't the strongest - but can one develop enough strength and technique to achieve that solid audible bass low-end in the live setting(for Death Metal specifically)? I know some like Alex Webster and the like can positively rip-up the bass finger style - but I've not seen CC live in ages. Any suggestions on some live footage to check out along these lines, or advice on how not to sacrifice volume and bottom with fingers. It's clear you gents are NOT big fans of picks - so this seems a great place to ask for help along these lines!


ive gotta say i disagree completely. i can think of loads of fingerstyle bassists in the metal genre who cut through the mix (cliff burton comes to mind right off the bat), and as for a live setting, i saw suffocation, unmerciful (their bassist is the SHIT) and cannibal corpse fairly recently, and found all three bassists to have very solid tone. if anything playing with your fingers (as opposed to a pick) should give you more bottom end, volume, and in general a much richer tone. if you find your sound to have too much bottom, and not enough mid range (i think this is what youre saying), try turning your mids up on the EQ, or plucking closer to the bridge for a brighter tone. also take into consideration that the amount of people there will affect your bass sound. if youre playing a room with fewer people in it the bass will sound washed out, or muddy.

just out of curiosity, what kind of bass are you playing on?
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