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Originally Posted by Sycophant
When they put out the ad looking for musicians, they requested a keyboardist/sampleist and someone who could do both clean and brutal vocals.
This certainly isn't the Cryptopsy I know, grew up with and love, but I'm not gonna say anything until I hear the new album.
But I sure wish Jon Levasseur and Lord Worm were still around, that'll never change. Jon was just fucking amazing.

Well yeah, I knew that. But it doesn't necessarily mean that there will be alot of clean vocals, hell, there may be no clean vocals at all! Maybe the band just wanted a versatile singer who would be singing brutal vocals most/all of the time, but had previous experience singing clean vocals. I dunno, the way I see it, someone who can sing clean and brutal probably has more experience than someone who can only sing brutal, right? He might not even be singing clean at all... I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even if there are clean vocals, the majority will still be dirty vocals. I HIGHLY doubt Cryptopsy would stray from the brutal music they have always given us the privelage of listening to
Originally Posted by Paddy
Chances are there have been Irish in every corner of the world, no matter how remote. Our semen is listed in the World Health Organisation's Big Book of Pestilential Materials.
Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
God, the Japanese are so weird. This HAS to be the long term effects of the atom bombs. No one is that weird on purpose.
Originally Posted by Gomli
The slams in that song always kill me. First time I heard that song I was like "Too much heaviness - brain collapse" but now I could murder my family to that one
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